Thursday, July 5, 2012

My wedding experience

My mom called telling me my dad wanted to help pay for more of the wedding.  He wanted to pay for the food, but DH had already taken care of that bill.  He took care of the remaining portion of the venue.  

We went to breakfast at my parents hotel and met up with DH aunt and uncle.  Our families split off and we went to do some shopping for our Welcome BBQ, while FH showed his aunt and uncle around our town.  
Later that evening, we took our parents, his aunt/uncle, my aunt/uncle/cousin and my brothers out to dinner.  My dad surprised us again, by picking up the ENTIRE dinner/beer tab.  

My mom, one of my bridesmaids and I started off the morning by having our mani/pedi’s.  This was SO fun.  I felt bad for the gal doing our nails because her help didn’t call out (she texted that she had a fever...) But despite that, she did an amazing job on everyone.  His grandma tagged along to help watch my BM’s little girl and take pictures.  So much fun to have a girls morning.  

Next up was starting to decorate the cupcakes and my apartment.  This was a little stressful because my grandma was really worried about the frosting flowers setting up, but I gave all creativity to my mom, grandma and aunt.  

Throughout the afternoon, everyone’s significant others and children wandered in and out of my apartment.  It was so nice to see everyone, even though it was a little chaotic.  
My parents and I left my apartment to go to the park where we were doing our rehearsal and Welcome BBQ.  The groomsmen missed the memo that we were doing the rehearsal before the BBQ and therefore missed the rehearsal (but turns out it didn’t really matter).  

Doing a welcome BBQ was awesome.  I got to see everyone in a much more casual environment and pass out the welcome packets I had made.  

After the BBQ we went back to my apartment to finish up the cupcakes.  Eventually, everyone made their way back to their hotels and I had a little time to relax with my parents while DH was out with the boys.  DH wound up losing his license while at Showgirls.  (Oops! lol - they had fun and it’s a pretty easy fix)

In the morning, I woke up at 6:00, took a shower, ate breakfast and browsed WW for a few minutes.  I woke up DH and he got in the shower next.  I thought my parents were coming over to help load the last of the things needed to take to the venue - but they forgot.  So, I got everything loaded and we got to the venue about 15 minutes later.  Fortunately, we had loaded some things into DH’s grandma’s car and my helpers were able to start without me.  
It took about 45 minutes for everything to be set up.  I loved my super simple decor.  

And back to my apartment so me and the ladies could get ready.  At this point DH had left to get breakfast with the guys and get dressed at their hotel.  I had left my purse in his car, which had my keys in it.  Fortunately, they were able to meet me back at the apartment.  The other slightly stressful part was my parents made a pitstop at the store to pick up some rope and clips for the quilt to hang behind us.  It took them 45 minutes to get to my apartment.  
Luckily, my hair wasn’t very intricate and my makeup was super simple.  We got dressed and ready and started taking some family portraits.  I’m glad I had the time to work on that.  

Then it was back to the venue.  My dad borrowed my grandpa’s orange mustang! So we got to drive to the venue in that.  My brothers, grandpa and mom were following us, but we didn’t need to be there yet, so we detoured, but called them to tell them to just go to the venue.  That was a bad idea, my brother got them lost!  But it was really nice to have just a few more minutes with my dad.  H  Gosh, I love that man too.  
We got to the venue, which is when my brother called again to ask where he needed to be. - They were at a different boat down the road.  
The guys got shooed upstairs and I was able to sneak into the dining room before too many people saw me.  The captain of the boat stepped in here as our DOC, it was awesome.  He made sure that none of the guys saw me, that they were in their place, and that I didn’t walk too early (even though I still did).  The guys walked to Vitamin String Quartet’s arrangment of Imperial March.  I think that went over really well, and I walked to Don’t Stop Believing.
The ceremony was beautiful. My eyes leaked (thanks to whoever said that in chat.) DH’s aunt had given me a hankie to use during the ceremony, and I’m so thankful for that.

Then we went downstairs and had lunch and the river cruise.  After the reception was over, we took some pictures in the botanical gardens.  

I went home to take off my dress/corset since the corset was digging into my hip by that point.  We relaxed for a little while and then met up at a restaurant to have a quick dinner before driving out of town to enjoy some us time at a hotel.  We left too late to enjoy anything at the hotel, but have already made plans to go back in September after the semester has started and things have settled down at work (DH works at a university).

The next morning we met up with whomever wanted to and had breakfast back in town.  A nice way to say goodbye to some people.   

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