Monday, May 23, 2011

A new date!

We had originally chosen 8/19/2012 because it was our birth dates added together: 5.5+3.14 but it turns out Britton is likely unable to get ANY time off during that time period due to semester start up.  At first I was okay with it and totally willing to work around that, but we got to thinking - if we stay with UAF, he'll never ever be able to go on vacation around our anniversary, so we changed it. 

Our new date is:
June 21, 2012!

Britton liked the way 21-12 sounded, so we went with it!  We have opted to go with June, because we love the idea of having all the sunshine on our special day!  So, there ya have it :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Location, Location, Looo-cation

Do you remember that commercial on TV that used the line "Location, Location, Looo-cation!"  I think it was for a bank but I figured it worked for the title today.

We haven't decided 100% on a location; we are waiting on a few quotes that I may or may not get while I'm in Kenai this week.  We are not looking at destination weddings anymore, mainly because Britton is unable to get very much time off in mid-late August.  Even though he knows more than a year in advance, blackout dates still apply.  We are almost certain that our wedding will be held in the Kenai area and are strongly considering the Challenger Learning Center.

I want the ceremony to take place outside.  The photo below is from my friend Monica and her husband Seth's wedding. I imagine my wedding to look something like this.  I love the white chairs and the birch arbor.  I don't imagine my bridesmaids in a rainbow of colors though and hopefully its sunny.  If the Challenger Learning Center will allow it, I'd like to do the ceremony on the lawn right there.  If not, I'll be talking with the city of Kenai about an alternate park location.  As for alternate reception locations, I'm thinking about the Senior Center or renting a tent and doing it all outside.  I'm totally open for suggestions :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ring

I know, I know.  I promised this picture this weekend, but then I worked 8 hours, hosted a bbq, went to another bbq.  And in between, I was studying or something. 
But here it is: 

I've never liked solitaire rings for me. For other people, if that suits your fancy, yay!  I prefer bands.  I always have.  Ask my mom :)

We were at Fred Meyer one evening and Britton was looking at watches.  You know, those $3,000 ones in the Jewelers section.  I was wandering around looking at the other things, when the sales lady talked him into looking at rings for me.  She said something along the lines of, if you're going to buy yourself something new and pretty, your lady needs something new and pretty too.  So, she gave me lots of HUGE rings that I would never wear!  Then she handed me a ring similar to this one, except it was 1/2 caret bigger.  And I loved the style, but still, it was too big for my tastes.  So I kept in on the middle of my finger, when I noticed the one I now own.  I slid it on my finger, and it was perfect!  The exact right size diamonds and band width.  I loved it.  Britton wasn't too sure, he tried to get me to like the bigger one, but I just didn't.  Then the sales lady started asking about my promise ring, and if it had been purchased at Fred Meyer Jewelers.  It had.  And so she started selling to Britton, you know you can trade in the old ring at the same price you bought it for and put it towards the new one? And at first I didn't want to give up my promise ring, but the appeal of the new ring won me over.  And I don't regret it.  I love the story.  <3 Thanks Britton!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Date

Our big day will be:

August 19, 2012!

We are currently undecided on a location

but these ideas have been tossed around:
*bank of the Kenai River
*Georgeson Botanical Gardens
*destination wedding (Hawaii? Cruise? Chartered plane?)

If you would like to receive snail mail correspondence from us, please send us your mailing address to:
*Even if we already have your mailing address, please send it to us anyway

The Proposal

Last night, on my 22nd birthday, Britton asked me to marry him!!

We went to dinner at Boston's because I really wanted the steak skewers they serve as an appetizer.  Since it was my birthday, I had a huge mango margarita!  For dinner I had the twisted mac and cheese with italian sausage and he had the pepperoni supreme pizza.   They brought us brownies and ice cream and sang to me :)  the German guys who were sitting at the table near us clapped really loud and yelled at the end; it was great!  Britton said the guys were eyeing my drink, but I didn't hand it over. 

After dinner, it was too late to stop at his favorite car wash, so we just headed home.  I kept saying that I needed to use the bathroom and to go finish my paper, but didn't feel like getting out of the car.  He decided to just do it there.  He pulled the ring out of the center console of his car.  As he was untying the ribbon, he said "wanna spend the rest our lives together?" and I was just grinning ear to ear.  He finished pulling the ring out of the boxes and then asked the big question.  I shook my head yes and and I think I squealed.  :)