Monday, May 16, 2011

Location, Location, Looo-cation

Do you remember that commercial on TV that used the line "Location, Location, Looo-cation!"  I think it was for a bank but I figured it worked for the title today.

We haven't decided 100% on a location; we are waiting on a few quotes that I may or may not get while I'm in Kenai this week.  We are not looking at destination weddings anymore, mainly because Britton is unable to get very much time off in mid-late August.  Even though he knows more than a year in advance, blackout dates still apply.  We are almost certain that our wedding will be held in the Kenai area and are strongly considering the Challenger Learning Center.

I want the ceremony to take place outside.  The photo below is from my friend Monica and her husband Seth's wedding. I imagine my wedding to look something like this.  I love the white chairs and the birch arbor.  I don't imagine my bridesmaids in a rainbow of colors though and hopefully its sunny.  If the Challenger Learning Center will allow it, I'd like to do the ceremony on the lawn right there.  If not, I'll be talking with the city of Kenai about an alternate park location.  As for alternate reception locations, I'm thinking about the Senior Center or renting a tent and doing it all outside.  I'm totally open for suggestions :)

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