Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A date (the romantic kind)

Britton and I have a date to have brunch on the Sternwheeler Tanana Chief this weekend.  Right now, it feels like a prime location to have our special day, and while it's not on the river of my choice, I have decided that at least it's on some body of water. 

My grandparents go on a dinner or brunch cruise every year for their anniversary, and I had the opportunity to join them in 2008 when I was staying at their house after I had surgery.  I may or may not have been on my pain killers, so I make no promises to all of the memories I have from the trip, but I think it will make a great location.  I just hope Britton agrees!  Then we can start putting deposits down, and I'll start looking for my dress!

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