Saturday, July 30, 2011

More than one reception?

So, I can't seem to convince Britton that a reception/party in Kenai is a good idea - which after looking at my facebook friends and who still lives in Kenai, I'm kind of starting to agree.  If you think it's a good idea, you should let us know.   Would you travel to Fairbanks just for the reception?

I want to be able to celebrate with everyone in my life, despite the fact that we are having a smaller ceremony.  Our ceremony location only has capacity for 75 people, so the current plan is to host a larger reception after.  However, there are sooo many people in our families alone, that may or may not be able to come to Fairbanks for just the reception, so I think we might hold three?
There will be the main one here in Fairbanks right after the ceremony.

Then, I'm thinking since I want to see the Fourth of July Parade in Kenai, that it would work to hold a Kenai reception/bbq/potluck right around then for all of our family and friends in the Southcentral area.

Then, I think it would be nice to include all of the Oregon/lower 48 family and friends (plus leave Alaska in the summer time, say what?!) and so we could have a big bbq/potluck reception down in Albany (?) a few days later.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Would you go to either the second or third reception if you couldn't make it to Fairbanks?

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